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One50 offers more than just dance.  
Experience what it means to be a dancer. 

D Team

Our Discipleship team is for High School aged students who dedicate two years to being students of LIFE and DANCE.  Training twice a week, this team experiences life skills sessions as well as learning routines to perform across Adelaide inspiring other young people to be all they were created to be.
(This team is by invitation).

The various One50 performance teams give our students the
opportunity to train, perform, discover and grow as people and artists. 

Advanced Team2

Our Advanced Teams run at selected clubs and are directed towards those students who are keen to go to the 'next level'. With a more intense class load and performing schedule, these teams perform and represent One50 Dance in communities, corporate events, dance competitions, churches, schools & more!
(This team is by invitation)

For further information or booking enquires about these teams email info@one50.com

Consisting of One50 teachers and senior leaders our Missions Team follow a more ministry based approach. This team is available for workshops and seminars and really show the heart of One50.

Advanced Team

Both our Chronicles and Prodigy Crews work and train hard to represent One50 at various state and nation wide competitions. With numerous state and national trophies already these teams continue to excel and grow. Competition teams are joined through audition, with open auditions being held at the end of each year.