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One50 Dance classes operate during SA school terms.

Hip Hop/Street dance class
1 hour or 45min class = Term pass & casual class pass options (see below)

Hip Hop/Street dance Extended Classes
45 minute class taken in conjunction with another club class.

Advanced Crew Hip Hop/Street dance Class
*Invitation Only
1-1.5 hour class = Semester Fees applies

Discipleship Team
*Invitation Only
2 hour sessions = Semester Fees applies

Competition Crews
*Invitation Only
1.5 hour class = Semester Fees applies

** Standard classes for the third and consecutive dancer from the same household are half price!! (In this case the 50% discount will override any early bird discounts)

** There are strictly no refunds or credits for any payments made. 

** All transactions are processed in Australian Dollars (AUD)


Term Fee           Term Fee                           
2019.       1HR CLASS .        Early Bird      45 MIN CLASS .          Early Bird      Casual Class Fee
(payments made at club)      
Term 1 (11wks)           $154.00 $138.60 $121.00 $108.90 $14 + $2 admin fee    
Monday Clubs (9wks) $126.00 $113.40 $99.00 $89.10 $14 + $2 admin fee       
Term 2 (10wks) $140.00 $126.00 $110.00 $99.00 $14 + $2 admin fee      
Monday Clubs (9wks) $126.00 $113.40 $99.00 $89.10 $14 + $2 admin fee 
Term 3 (10wks) $140.00 $126.00 $110.00 $99.00 $14 + $2 admin fee            
Term 4 (9wks) $126.00 $113.40 $99.00 $89.10  $14 + $2 admin fee       

Our enrolment and payment system is serviced by ClubHub. Payment can be made online via a credit card or Electronic Transfer (please refer to our Sign up page). This is our preferred method of payment. In the case where only a cash payment is possible please talk to our team at your One50 Club.

Due to the nature of the One50  nance system we cannot process any refunds on payments made for the One50 Dance program. This includes but does not limit to the following items;
• Classes
• Concert tickets
• Dancers fees
• One50 merchandise
• One50 workshop of event registrations

Items may be credited to another purchase with the approval of the Club team leader/One50 Directors in extreme circumstances eg. Unforseen events such as a funeral. Please note it will not be approved if you simply change your mind.

Financial Hardship:
One50 understands that there may be genuine and extreme  nancial hardship resulting in failure to make payment. Please know that One50 is willing to work with our student/families in this situation following our policies and processes.

Please obtain a Finance Request form from your One50 Club Team Leader if you require.

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